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Colt Starting Dvds Regular

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Taming and starting horses is the foundation of horsemanship as a whole. As Pat says, make the first ride as if he's been ridden a thousand times... and ride your horse for the thousandth time as though it was his first. Getting the smallest details right is critical to becoming a horseman.

Taming and starting colts shows you where you fall short quicker than perhaps any other stage you go through with your horse. Now, for the first time, Pat's renowned step-by-step young horse development program is available for at-home study and self-development support for any serious horseman.

Runtime: 9 hours, 10 minutes
English-only version.
No subtitles or closed-captioning.
Also available on BluRay.

Colt Starting Segments include:

The Formula:
• Accept the Human
(as a friend and a leader)
• Accept the Saddle
(placement and wearing it)
• Accept the Rider
(as passenger then guider)
• Accept the Bit
(wearing, communicating)

The Basics:
• Confidence and Respect
• When to Quit
• Haltering
• Yielding
• Horsenality
• Bareback mounting
• Saddling
• Driving
• Saddle Horses
• Stepping On
• Passenger Lessons
• First Rides
• Handling Feet
• Preparing for Tying
• Guiding
• Riding Outside
• Gait Transitions
• Accepting the Bit

5.0 out of 5 stars

Pat the Master
2/8/2013 4:47:35 pm by Kate A from AU

This is Pat at his finest and highlights why hundreds of thousands of horse enthusiasts all over the world are following Pat through his teachings of Love, Language and Leadership. He truly is the master and this is a valuable addition to any horse lovers’ collection. This series has so much in it at so many levels and each time I re-watch I pick up more and more. It gives a detailed blueprint for how Pat goes about starting a 'colt', thoroughly covering off everything a person might encounter when starting a youngster. I love the way Pat handles the little mare and doesn't blame her for doing what she feels she needs to do to survive. I love the way Pat admits when the horse behaved in a way he wasn't expecting from his read of the horse, and then covers off on how to better prepare her for those things she had more trouble with than expected.

Exceptional - Pat at his best!
12/10/2012 9:13:43 am by Gemma from GB

I am delighted with this set and it's by far my favourite Parelli DVD. I have learned so much already - thank you!

8/29/2012 6:51:45 pm by Kelly D from US

One of the best educational DVDs that the Parelli company has put out. It doesn't matter if you have an adult horse, you can learn alot! I'm so happy I own this.

L 4 student
2/4/2012 4:20:49 pm by SUE S from CA

I got into trouble starting a RBI a couple of years ago and always wondered how I had got my self bucked off while being sure that she accepted me on her back. Now I understand where I went wronge thanks to the colt starting DVD set. It's as if Pat is there giving me one on one information that will save my neck. I am now re starting the same horse after 2 years of leaving her alone. Thank you Pat for these indepth DVD's. I am in less of a hurry to ride this horse and more in a hurry to get her truly tame and accepting of me and the saddle.

5 Stars!
12/22/2011 8:25:22 pm by CHRISTY H from US

So far the Colt Starting set has been my favorite of the Parelli DVD's. I learned so much in the first DVD alone. The set is an invaluable wealth of knowledge. Overall, this is a great buy!