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Parelli Mini Magic

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Mini Magic is a beautiful, lifelike toy replica of Pat Parelli's legendary mare, Magic. This model is approximately 7" tall by 8" long and is constructed with very durable hard plastic, and is designed to be taken outside and played with in the dirt! And that's what it's really all about: encouraging your little ones to head outside, utilize their imaginations, and put their love of horses into action in a safe and creative way. Mini Magic is packaged in a tin lunchbox-sized carrying case that also includes a short string for halter and lead-tying, one two-sided foldable play mat, and one "How To Play With Your Horse" booklet. 

Mini Magic is the debut release from Parelli's new educational program, Mini Parelli! The purpose of Mini Parelli is to educate and encourage young people about horses in a fun, safe, and imagination-driven environment. Visit for the latest information, along with interactive games and activities!

5.0 out of 5 stars

6/14/2015 9:53:04 am by Stacey K from US

Ordered this as a Christmas present. I have a child who collects and plays with a large herd of Breyers. I also bought this with the matching t-shirt for kids. Hoping Natural Horsemanship is something she takes with her into adult life when she is older and riding and training her own horses!

High-quality educational toy that my daughters use!
10/24/2014 11:28:26 am by Natalie C from US

I was fortunate to acquire a limited-edition version of Mini Magic. I love that Parelli made this educational toy! We don't own a horse but live in a rural area and my 9 and 11 year-old daughters talk about wanting to ride. With Mini Magic I use an action figure to show them how to approach a horse and how to stand near one. The included booklet of patterns and accessories to make allows them to see how much a horse is able to understand and learn. They had no idea horses were so smart! My girls gave away a previous collection of plastic horses because they weren't interested in playing with them as toys. Because this mini-Magic is so life-like, their interest in horses is re-kindled and my 4th-grader even wrote an essay about horses that she read to her class for extra-credit this week! I appreciate the lovely metal box that makes it easy to store the horse when we're not using it. Although we will probably never own a horse, Mini Magic is teaching my daughters important horsemanship skills that they'll have their entire life and that they can use if they ever go riding. Thank you, Parelli, for creating a fun teaching product that brings my daughters a little closer to a real horse!