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English Only Edition - Savvy Mastery Series - OnLine: A Mental Connection with Silke Vallentin

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Featuring Parelli Professionals drilling into topics beyond Level 4 in each of the Four Savvys, the Savvy Mastery Series is designed to catapult dedicated Parelli students to the next level of their horsemanship development. Even if you are not yet at Level 4, the Savvy Mastery Series will help you get there, and beyond!


Renowned 3-Star Parelli Instructor Silke Vallentin is known for her breathtaking displays of the On Line Savvy on the ground with her horses, which take On Line to a level of mastery that few have ever achieved. On this expansive DVD set, Silke lets you in on the secrets that will help you develop your On Line skills beyond Parelli Level 4!

Silke frames these lessons with her Four Qualities of an Exercise – a set of guidelines that influences everything she does with her horses. Over the course of this four-disc set, Silke is joined by three students for hands-on teaching sessions: Parelli Professionals Liz Jones, Shawn Coleman, and Fawn Anderson. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and patience, setting these students and their horses up for everything they’ll encounter in Level 4 and beyond.

This immersive product includes student lessons, breakaway sessions, and a 14-page accompanying pocket guide. From refining your cues and fine-tuning your body language to managing your energy and improving your horse’s biomechanics, you’ll learn all that and more with Savvy Mastery: On Line with Silke Vallentin!

4 Discs. 5 hours, 18 minutes.

What People Are Saying: 

"Two and a half minutes of sneak peek and I've already learned something new!! Pretty sure this series is a must-have!!" -Jess Brokensha

"Exactly the subtlety I've been wanting to see." -Mary Murphy

"Always amazing what Sike can teach in just two minutes." -Lucia Doefert

"This lady is my inspiration. Thank you!" -Tammy Holiday

"That looks like an awesome DVD - I learned a couple things already. I need to relax my hind leg. Love Silke!" -Julie Schroeder

"Yep, looks as if this is another one of those "must have" Silke is a great teacher! Love how she explains the steps. Yes, learned just with this very short video!" -Bev Pearsall

"AWESOME!" -Samantha Soltoggio

"Wow...Just that snippet has given me lots to work with!!!" -Katalin Silo

5.0 out of 5 stars

5/5/2016 12:58:09 am by Kathryn W from GB

Watched my On-Line A Mental Connection with Silke Vallentin 'Savvy Mastery' dvd again this morning. When I watched it the first time back in December 2014 I put it away again because I knew 'it was too complicated' for that I mean 'too advanced' and I was no way savvy enough to 'get it'. We watched her last year as well with Pat but it still didn't resonate with me. Then my Savvy Buddy, Sue McFadyen, said she'd been watching it again and it planted that 'I wonder if' seed..........well WoW I completely got it and felt confident enough to take Rosie out for our mosey then play in the arena with some of the concepts Silke explained. She 'emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and patience'.......something must have sunk in with me because Rosie's licking/chewing/blinking/yawning was a Marathon today!!! Those micro releases (or 'mini releases') are so effective!! I do a lot of self-reflection and thought I had bags of patience but clearly I need to do and have more!!!

Fantastic product!
3/24/2015 5:05:35 am by Rachael E from GB

This is a fantastic product! I'm only on the second disc and am already so excited! This is exactly what I have been looking for and the piece of the puzzle I have been missing to develop the 'physical' now that we have the mental and emotional. I can't wait to go out and play with these exercises.

2- Star Instructor
3/21/2015 3:13:13 am by Susan Coade from GB

These fantastic dvd's have totally transformed my mare's movement, from high headed and hollow backed (making her sore ) to a healthy rounded movement by mirroring me !

Wonderful insight and practical how-to
2/17/2015 4:57:47 pm by Regina P from US

I think anyone in level 2 can benefit from this series, although levels 3 and 4 are really going to appreciate it. This series shows you how to progress by increasing your expectations for the quality of the horse's response (and of course the quality of your own timing and sensitivity). I like Silke's instructing style and the range of horsenalities in the horses and humanalities in the instructors that she instructs. You do need to be steeped in the Parelli vocabulary and mindset before you watch, as Silke doesn't waste time defining the terminology. (That's what levels program 1 and 2 are for.) I've found myself bringing a better quality of horsemanship to my horses, and they are responding with better qualities of response. :-)

Great Set of DVD's
12/7/2014 10:46:29 am by Ilka B from US

I love this DVD set! This will really help me and my horses with our continuous learning. Silke explains the smallest details of the horse's and the student's body language to get a true mental connection with the horse. I would say it's probably not for the person that is just starting out in Parelli, but a must-have for students that have been in the program for a while. I can see why Silke is so highly praised by the Parelli's. I hope we will see more of her in the future!

12/7/2014 7:37:57 am by Sue S from Canada from CA

Thank you Silke for 'The four qualities of an exercise'. My horses are licking and chewing far sooner and more often and my RBE is showing relaxation almost straight away. This is just what I needed as a level 4 student and what my horses needed from me. I am so excited with the progress we are already making. My horses love my new approach and I love that I am more patient now I am clearer on what to release on. Like you say, "It is always the Human, never the horses fault" and we all want to be the best we can be for our horse's sake.

Most Excellent
11/28/2014 7:09:45 pm by Kathy S from US

As a level 4 student, this is what I need to achieve a tighter connection with my horses. Thus far, by just doing some of Silke's exercises as she suggests, it has transferred to our riding and instills confidence in our horses. Great series!

A 'must have'.
11/15/2014 1:29:50 pm by julie s from GB

A demonstration of PNH by Silke Vallentin with her beautiful black Frisian Biko In Dorset in the UK was what brought me to parelli, When she released this I was going to buy it anyway because of what I saw that day. I have only watched the first hour or so but it is obviously going to be just the most fantastic series. Her ideas of micro releases to say I'm pleased but not satisfied and that also encourage the slightest try are ingenious. I love how much she makes the horses lick and chew and at the same time look so relaxed. A true must have (and I really hope she is going to do a liberty series too). I know it's more money and I don't have enough either but this is worth it! :o)

On line: a mental connection
11/12/2014 9:28:29 pm by Jennifer P from US

This program has turned my horse and I into super learners! Finally! I have NEVER had her make such changes and 'lick and chew' so much.. All these years I've had lots of success with PNH but this program is absolutely giving us the boost my horse and I have needed. Thank you so much!

10/22/2014 12:15:04 pm by Stacey L from US

I was lucky enough to buy one at this year's Summit and meet Silke. SO AMAZING! I have learned even the simplest things going back to what a Phase 1 in energy can look like. Most important for me was to be able to read when I truly had the 'mental connection'.