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Kid's Yellow Roma Rain Boots

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Roma Boots are well-known and well-regarded for two very important things: the excellent quality of their footwear, and for their “Buy One, Give One” program, in which each pair of Roma Boots purchased is matched by a pair that is given to a child in need. This dedication to making the world a better place aligns greatly with Parelli’s core values, so a partnership just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Roma has combined fashion and function to create the perfect all-weather rain boot. The outsole is created with 100% natural rubber, while the interior cotton lining and multi-layer cushioned insole will keep your feet warm, dry, and completely comfortable. Height: 38cm, with a 1” heel, great grip, and a rounded toe. Also, a Parelli logo is featured at the outer top of each boot!

When you purchase Roma Boots from Parelli, their “Buy One, Give One” program will also feature a free Parelli poncho included with every pair of boots given to a child in need! Help make the world a better place for children, and give a gift to your own feet as well!