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Level 2 - FreeStyle

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NOTE: This pack contains all Level 2 information from our Four Savvys FreeStyle pack; we’ve simply separated it in order to make it easier for students to choose their own path through the Parelli Program. If you would like to purchase the full Four Savvys FreeStyle pack, which covers Levels 2-4, simply click here.

Learn more about Level 2 FreeStyle

FreeStyle Level 2 is all about introducing your horse to the Seven Games from the saddle. At this point, ideally you will have played On Line with your horse to the point that both of you are comfortable and confident in your relationship, to the point that introducing the saddle and eventually getting onto your horse’s back is, above all, safe.

As you begin incorporating FreeStyle in your horsemanship routine, be sure to emphasize the Friendly Game – particularly if your horse has never been ridden before.

Rather than just saddling your horse up, hopping on, and riding off into the sunset, it’s important that you begin at Square One: saddling with savvy.

This 2-DVD pack also comes with 2 removable pocket guide, the perfect tool for implementing patterns and games out at the barn, away from your DVD player!

2 Disc Runtime: 4 Hours 23 Min

Chapters Include:

DISC 1 (Pat Parelli)


      Preparing your horse for saddling
      Saddle placement
      Cinching in stages
      Pre-flight checks
      Lateral flexion on the ground

Mounting & Dismounting

      Lateral flexion in the saddle

Use the Reins Effectively

      Active and inactive reins
      Indirect and direct reins
      One rein stops
      Controlled catastrophe & emergency dismount (with Linda Parelli)


      Whoa = go
      Phases in the saddle 

Riding & Guiding Skills

      Passenger lesson
      Nine-step back-up
      Casual to concentrated rein
      Bullseye Game
      Sideways Game


      Follow the rail
      Figure 8

Tips with Linda Parelli 

      Rein length


      Lateral flexion
      Go and whoa


      Indirect rein
      Controlled catastrophe
      Passenger lesson
      Follow the rail
      Nine-step back-up
      Sideways Game

DISC 2 (Student Lesson with Pat)

    Mounting and dismounting
    Lateral flexion
    One rein stops
    Nine-step back-up
    Casual to concentrated rein
    Sideways Game
    Follow the rail