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Level 4 Liberty

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NOTE: This pack contains all Level 4 information from our Four Savvys Liberty pack; we’ve simply separated it in order to make it easier for students to choose their own path through the Parelli Program. If you would like to purchase the full Four Savvys Liberty pack, which covers Levels 1-4, simply click here.

Learn more about Level 4 Liberty

In Level 4 Liberty, not only will you confidently and creatively play all Seven Games at greater distances, you will learn to play them with a level of elegance and connection that is truly inspiring. The quality of response you receive from your horse will continue to improve, and your communication cues will be nearly invisible to anyone but your horse. Level 4 Liberty is a thing of beauty, so let’s get started!

This 2-DVD pack also comes with a removable pocket guide, the perfect tool for implementing patterns and games out at the barn, away from your DVD player!

2 Disc Runtime: 4 Hours 10 Min

Chapters Include:

DISC 1 (Pat Parelli)
Principle Games 1-3

    Friendly Game
    Porcupine Game
    Driving Game

Purpose Games 4-7

    Yo-Yo Game
    Circling Game
    Sideways Game
    Squeeze Game


    Million Transitions   
    Figure 8


    Mastering Elegance
    My Horse has a Sour Expression
    Help with Turns using Tail
    No Response to Phases 1 or 2
    Snappy Transitions
    Disconnected at the Circle
    Maintaining Gait
    Being More Particular in Level 4
    Sticky Feet
    Stopping Halfway Over the Jump
    My Horse Hesitates Before a Jump

DISC 2 (Student Lesson with Pat)

    Principle Games 1-3
    Purpose Games 4-7