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Level 4 Finesse

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NOTE: This pack contains all Level 4 information from our Four Savvys Finesse pack; we’ve simply separated it in order to make it easier for students to choose their own path through the Parelli Program. If you would like to purchase the full Four Savvys Finesse pack, which covers Levels 1-4, simply click here.

Learn more about Level 4 Finesse

Level 4 Finesse is where you take the building blocks of communication, both from Level 3 and from the other three Savvys, and truly achieve excellence. You will learn the essential components of riding with precision, including the importance of developing “feel” while riding, while also reaching new levels of refinement, skill, and connection with your horse. This is truly the culmination of the Parelli Levels Pathway!

This 3-DVD pack also comes with a removable pocket guide, the perfect tool for implementing patterns and games out at the barn, away from your DVD player!

3 Disc Runtime: 5 Hours 58 Min

Chapters Include:

DISC 1 (Pat Parelli) 

    Moving Within a Frame
    Monkey Riding
    Feeling For the Feet
    Feeling Where the Weight Is
    Understanding Soft Touch & Soft Feel
    Sideways & Flexion Exercises
    Building Lateral Movements
    Psychology: What’s In It For the Horse?
    Canter Yo-Yos
    Leads & Lead Changes


    Toes Forward or Outward
    Legs Don’t Always Mean “Go Faster”
    Improving Half Pass
    Proper Position for Straightness
    Flying Lead Changes: Moment of Suspension


    Horse Lacks Impulsion
    Pulling with Direct Reins


    Lateral Movements
    Increasing Sensitivity to Your Aids
    Canter Yo-Yos
    Lead Changes: Horse Speeds Up

DISC 2 (Pat Parelli)
    Precision Pen
    Provocative Patterns
    Building the Horse’s Confidence
    Finesse Challenge

        Improving Your Focus
        Advance from 1/8 to 1/4 Turns
        My Horse Chomps the Bit
        Impulsive Behavior

DISC 3 Student Lesson
Lesson 1

    Habits & Skills
    Precision Pen
    Seven Games in the Saddle
    Landing Points
    Soft Touch & Soft Feel
    Lengthening & Shortening the Stride
    Circles with Precision
    Leg Yields
    Shoulder In
    Haunches In
    Transitions on a Larger Circle
    Simple Lead Changes

Lesson 2

    Forward at the Trot
    Yo-Yo Near-Transitions
    Circles at Varying Sizes and Gaits
    Creativity in the Precision Pen