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Problem-Solving Liberty: Level 3-4 Lessons with Linda Parelli

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Learn more about Problem-Solving Liberty


Liberty is an essential component of the Parelli Program, particularly due to its emphasis on horse/human connection. When we encounter slip-ups in that connection, of course, we need to go into problem-solving mode. That’s what this DVD is all about. Here, Linda Parelli works with eight students and horses, each with a specific but common partnership issue. As you watch these students and horses, you’ll learn invaluable lessons on reading horses, incorporating Horsenality, moderating your energy, improving your position, developing effective communication, and more!


  • Lack of Connection (Adele & Porsche)
  • Lack of Draw (Leigh & Una)
  • Looking Out While Circling (Natasha & Sunday)
  • Lack of Responsiveness (Allison & Annabelle)


  • Spins (Mic & Na’vi)
  • Canter Stick-to-Me (Maurice & Lily)
  • Canter-Walk Transitions (Susan & Fashion)
  • Circling Close (Ryan & Jazz)
  • Q&A with Linda

Runtime: 3 hours, 13 minutes.  Learn more about Problem-Solving Liberty

5.0 out of 5 stars

Super :-)
5/5/2015 6:26:58 am by Valentina (from Italy) from IT

I bought this dvd and I found it super!! It is exactly what I was looking for!! I watched with particular interest the part of the "lack of draw", but each parts gave me something to think of!! I was happy to discover that the circling game is "not so easy" for many people... and not just for me and my horse. I hope to improve my leadership and to become a better partner for my dear fellow!! :o)