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Finesse Training Sequence: A Formula for Precision, with Linda Parelli

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Learn more about Finesse Training Sequence

Linda Parelli has developed a revolutionary 10-part training sequence with which to guide students through the fourth Parelli Savvy, Finesse. This 2-DVD set features Linda teaching students as they implement each component of the formula, step by step. If you’ve ever found yourself unsure about your progress as you play in Finesse – or you’re simply interested in learning what Finesse is all about – you’ll find this DVD to be the perfect road map for you and your horse.

The Finesse Training Sequence is:
1.    Freely Forward
2.    Downward Transitions Without Using Reins
3.    Ride the Line
4.    Supple Rein
5.    Carving Turns
6.    Leg Yield on the Circle
7.    Contact
8.    Random Patterns
9.    Lateral Movements
10.    Collecting Exercises

-    The Sequence: 10 Steps to Follow.
-    Lesson 1: Watch a nervous horse go through steps 1-6.

-    Lesson 2: Watch a confident rider with a resistant horse.
-    Lesson 3: Watch a novice horse and rider.

Runtime: 3 hours, 9 minutes.
3.5 out of 5 stars

Unfortunately disapointed
1/30/2017 6:05:07 am by mandy s from GB

I ordered the Finesse Training Sequence and was so exited when it arrived as I love all things Parelli. I was so disappointed to find that although as always Linda is excellent as a teacher the DVD does not cover the whole 10 steps as advertised . Step 6 contact is not covered at all. 8,9 and ten is also not covered apart from a tiny bit where I can watch Linda do shoulder in and haunches in. But there is no instruction for these steps at all . The list of contents clearly shows 1-10 ,this is extremely misleading . Linda tells us that if we want to learn about contact to purchase the Game of contact Dvd and Lateral work and collecting exercises will be covered with her other Dvd with Christoph Hess. Had I known that these things would not be covered I would have bought one of these instead. :(

2- Star Instructor
3/21/2015 3:16:52 am by Susan Coade from GB

After studying this sequence at home I was lucky enough to ride on Linda Parelli's UK Course. This fantastic sequence of training helps you to identify where your horse is holding tension and brace and help them find relaxation in preparation for riding with contact . It has helped my mare make some significant changes and move in a more balanced and healthy way. Highly recommend !