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Lighting The Path to Natural Horsemanship

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Have you always wished you had a little extra light during those early morning or late evening hours as you are feeding horses or finishing chores around the barn? You need both of your hands, so holding a flashlight just isn’t very practical. We have the perfect solution for your needs! Our new Parelli cap has Ultra Bright LED lights built in to give you that extra bit of light. With 3 Click illuminations, you have different settings for your path, for distance, or a hi-beam for both.  The cap comes in either khaki or black.
3.5 out of 5 stars

Not bright at all
2/4/2017 6:18:52 am by Rebekka T from DE

I wanted to use it daily in the barn when picking up the poo. But now I had to buy head lamp because it is not very bright and I had to change the batteries very often. I would not buy it again, I'm not happy with it.

A Savvy Barn Chores & Dog Walking!
12/13/2016 3:57:29 pm by Carol T from US

A few years ago, I had a hat with this LED light built in but I lost it. So I was very happy to find an improved version of it on the Parelli Website. It is really helpful to NOT juggle a flash light while finishing the last few chores in the barn yard after the sun has set. And I even use this hat for my evening dog walk.