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Driving Part 1 - Preparation for Driving

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Preparation for Driving
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Driving can be one of the most engaging, enjoyable, yet challenging activities you and your horse can do together. Nate Bowers of Bowers Natural Driving has teamed up with Pat Parelli to share the history, strategy, and savvy you’ll need to become adept – and safe – during your driving excursions. 

This 2-DVD set will take you, step-by-step, through the process of setting up a natural foundation with your driving horse. 

Just as Pat has a four-part Colt Starting ladder (1. Accept the human, 2. Accept the saddle, 3. Accept the rider, 4. Accept the bit), Nate has applied a similar process to driving. With these ingredients in place, along with an awareness of what to do when the unexpected occurs, driving will become a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both you and your horse!

Chapters Include: 

Foundation Before Specialization

Before you begin driving, it’s essential to have a framework in mind. In this chapter, Nate Bowers articulates what a solid foundation would look like for your horse, and how that foundation sets you and your horse up for success once specialization begins.

Accept and Understand the Harness

Combining driving terminology, a step-by-step teaching strategy, and his knowledge of Pat Parelli’s Seven Games, Nate explains and demonstrates how to achieve harmony and dialogue with your horse through the harness.

Accept and Understand the Vehicle

With assistance from Parelli Professional Amy Bowers, Nate takes us through the process of introducing your horse to a vehicle. Utilizing simulations and the Seven Games, Nate demonstrates how “taking the time it takes” is truly effective.

Accept and Understand Leadership from Zone 5

In this chapter, Nate stresses the importance of being particular and isolating steady pressure as you begin leading from behind the horse. By using simulations with long lines, Nate shows how patience and giving the horse what he needs is essential. Nate concludes by reinforcing the importance of having a purpose and “wishing in the right direction.”

About Nate Bowers

Nate Bowers, at barely 24 years old, has already made quite a name for himself in the world of driving. He certainly comes from a great driving lineage: Pat Parelli considers Nate’s father, Steve Bowers, to be “the most natural horseman I’ve known when it comes to the driven horse.” Under his father’s guidance, Nate was training horses by the time he was eight years old.

As an adult, Nate has combined his father’s passion for driving with Pat Parelli’s natural techniques, and the results speak for themselves.

In his lessons, Nate emphasizes putting principles to purpose. It’s one thing to simply tack a horse up and drive it around a ranch. It’s another thing entirely to give the horse a job with a real sense of purpose. Maintaining that purpose – that drive, if you will – has a profound effect on the relationship between horse and horseman.

Nate Bowers has spent nearly half of his life immersed in the world of natural horsemanship. And with Nate Bowers: Driving, he has brought together his passion and expertise for driving, his desire to teach, and his lifetime’s worth of practical knowledge. Worldwide interest in driving is increasing every day, and with Nate Bowers as a catalyst for a more natural approach, the future is bright for this beautiful tradition.

4.9 out of 5 stars

Driving Preparation
1/24/2013 3:12:26 pm by Alison from GB

I have just watched Nate and Amy's Part 1 Driving DVD and it was great! Very thorough and informative, detailed but easy to follow. Assuming the viewer already has the Parelli foundation information, this DVD shows the key areas to focus on required for the driving horse. I particularly liked the information on teaching to push into pressure but without becoming 'heavy'. Nate is a very engaging teacher, very easing and interesting to watch. Can't wait for Part 2!

Great preparation for driving - can't wait to watch Part 2!
12/29/2012 9:51:18 am by Ninie Perlt from DK

This DVD set shows pretty much exactly what is advertised: The PREPARATION for driving. Some people would be rather disappointed that after 2 DVDs and 3 hours, they still haven't actually hitched a horse to a cart. The "Introducing your horse to the cart" chapter is just that: An introduction - a thorough, well explained, "no dust" introduction that shows how to allow your horse to naturally be able to see the cart as a sort of Friendly Game. Nate Bowers doesn't spend a lot of time covering what we'd know as "Horsemanship Foundation" - he simply assumes that you aren't going to try this with a green horse. It seems to me, that the horse and rider are suppesed to be quite solid in L3 or L4 (on the ground) before attempting to start driving. Nate usually shows a slightly more advanced horse (one that's relatively solid in whatever task he's teaching) while Amy brings Sapphire in to show how it may look when you try a task for the first time ever. It's a great approach, and it allows Nate to elaborate on a lot of the common pitfalls when teaching your horse as well as showing a more "finished" result. The DVD is really easy to follow, each task or step is shown very clearly and Nate Bowers does a really good job at repeating some key points, like it always being good to go back and check the early steps/tasks, how to always release on a good try and to remember to solve foundation challenges properly before attempting to move on. He knows that this "No Dust" approach can look boring (He does say "Like watching paint dry"), but it's obvious that both Peaches (the more advanced, LB looking horse) and Sapphire (that looks more skittish and RB) are being taught to calmly understand and respond to all the elements of driving. I particularly like how Nate has enough background knowledge of the Parelli programme (both on the ground and under saddle) to be able to explain what is different from "how we'd usually do it", "what's natural for the horse to think" and "what's needed for driving". I found the DVD educational and very nice to watch. Nate is funny in a quiet and calm way as well as giving really detailed and clear instructions. He and Amy work together wonderfully on the DVD, both when they cooperate as a team and when Nate teaches Amy. This DVD IMO is a must for ANY Parellian who wants to drive - and it's a "nice to have/watch" for anyone else. I'm going to hand this DVD over to my mother in law asap, as she plans on teaching one of her horses to drive - this DVD will help her when her horse is ready to learn the basics. - Ninie.

Preparation for Driving - simply brilliant!
11/30/2012 12:59:58 am by Constance P from AU

WOW! I just finished viewing the new Parelli Nate Bowers Driving set of DVD's. I am blown away by the clarity of how he teaches driving and making sense of it from the horse's point of view. I had read quite a lot of "traditional" driving bookks on how to start a horse in harness, and had put off starting my young boy because I felt that the horse wouldn't "get" the methods they advocated, as it wouln't be intuitive to the horse. So I felt it would harm our relationship rather than help it. The way Nate teaches preparation for driving is only going to make the experience fun for us both and make our bond even closer. THANK YOU! Can't wait for part 2.

Excellent DVDs
11/12/2012 8:11:30 am by Sandra G from NZ

I was very impressed by Nate's DVDs. He has a very natural way with the horses, and a very easy way of explaining things, that made total sense. Can't wait for the next instalment!

The Missing Link
10/8/2012 7:48:53 pm by Catherine C from NZ

These dvds are just amazing!!!!!! I fumbled my way through teaching Bexley my shetland pony & myself to drive using the 7 games. I now see my mistakes and the bits I missed. So many BFO's. Nate is so clear & so patient. Can't wait for Part 2. Thanks for taking the time to make these dvds.

Nate Bowers Driving - Part I
10/1/2012 3:24:57 pm by Wendy C from US

Lovelovelove these DVDs! Nate is very clear, calm, knowledgeable, and to the point. Great to see a new horse learning these techniques, as well as a more experienced horse demonstrating them. I've started using them with my pony, and we're having success:) I hope there's a Part 2!

9/17/2012 5:08:09 pm by Lori S from US

I received this DVD today & can't stop watching it! It is REALLY great. I can't wait to start working w/my mini, Flash & teaching him to drive. This DVD is easy to understand & the directions are clear.

eager to view Nate
8/28/2012 7:54:25 pm by Ruth G from US

I have materials produced by Nate's father, Steve Bowers, and I am so glad to see that Nate is keeping up with the excellent work his family is known for. When will the DVD be ready for purchase?