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The Scale of Training Part I

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How would you like to sit in on a private clinic with Linda Parelli and acclaimed FEI dressage judge Christoph Hess? Well, tha's exactly what you're getting with The Scale of Training: Training a Happy, Healthy Dressage Horse, Part I.

Part I features Christoph and Linda leading a series of riders through the first three elements of the training scale: rhythm, relaxation & contact. Christoph coaches students from Training Level to Grand Prix, while Linda contributes natural horsemanship strategies that can be applied to dressage training at any level.

Whether you are at the top levels of competition or you're just starting your dressage journey, The Scale of Training, Part I will enhance your training and show you how to achieve true harmony with your equine athlete.

Multi-Language Captions: English and German

Runtime: 4hrs, 30 min

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4.0 out of 5 stars

Perfect for dressage riders
6/16/2014 1:50:19 pm by Debrah D from US

This product is great for any dressage rider who wants to learn behavior-based techniques to apply to their training, or any Parelli student who wants to begin learning dressage. Linda Parelli and FEI dressage judge Christoph Hess coach students through the first three elements of the Classical Training Scale - rhythm, relaxation and contact - and show how simple exercises can develop your horse's foundation for dressage (or any equestrian sport, for that matter!). Throughout, Linda offers horse behavior strategies to help each horse become calm, smart, brave and athletic as they begin to progress through the Scale of Training. A must-have for both the competitive and recreational dressage rider!