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National Geographic Lost Mustang Dvd

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Discover the last descendants of America’s first mustangs, isolated for centuries in the rural Southwest. Hit the trail with Pat and Linda Parelli, scientists and wranglers as they round up these living pieces of history with the hope of bringing them back from the brink of extinction.

You’ll be awed as you watch Pat and his team transform untouched wild mustangs into willing partners in a mere 40 minutes using humane and non-threatening techniques. Packed with excitement and education, this is a must-see DVD for anyone who loves horses, natural horsemanship or the heritage of the old west.

Narrated by William Shatner

Runtime: 60 minutes

National Geographic is a registered trademark of National Geographic Society.

Region 1 only.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Super. Freaking. Cool.
1/24/2011 3:41:23 pm by Mackenzie K. from US

As a mustang person, this video was really my first introduction to Parelli, and I was beyond impressed with the whole Parelli system when I saw Pat and his crew riding out to gather wild horses with rope hackamores and no bits. This is a very cool documentary on a really interesting subject, and I highly recommend it... especially for all those people who don't realize that there are still wild horses roaming free in America. It's a good introduction to the topic and a fascinating look at how a wild-horse round-up can work, and very interesting to see how Pat approaches getting blood samples from a whole herd of wild animals.