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Amazing Grace with Pat Parelli

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When hundreds of horse lovers gathered together at the Parelli campus in September 2013 for the annual Parelli Summit, they had no idea they were about to witness the formative moments of a truly breathtaking transformation. Grace, a beautiful but nearly feral mare from Oregon, was brought to Colorado to participate in Pat Parelli’s Problem Horse Makeover sessions. What occurred in those sessions was not just educational; it was life-changing – not just for Grace, but for everyone in attendance.

This 16-episode series offers a spectator’s-eye-view of Grace’s incredible transformation at the 2013 Parelli Summit. From beginning to end, you’ll see the true power of the Parelli Program in action.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Amazing Grace
3/25/2016 8:40:40 pm by Steffy H from US

To watch Pat and some of his top instructors take this extremely emotional horse from the realm of shear panic and fear for her life to a horse that, at least now will have the opportunity to having a REAL relationship with a human being is beautiful. This transformation took several months with professionals, I think Grace will always be skeptical and not a horse for everyone, Get out the Kleenx. Steffy

All the P's in action...
3/3/2015 4:15:26 pm by Kim B from US

I've watched Pat for a long time. I used to go to the old PNH ranch in Clements, CA and was a helper during the last horse courses he did there. Through life's up and downs Pat has stayed true to his principles and I respect him for how he puts himself out there for the horses. This is a really nice set to have. You can never see the principles in action too many times and I hope he and Linda will make many more DVDs like these. Thanks so much.