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Parelli Horseman's Halter

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Product photos from L-R (see sizing details below):

1. Mini/Foal  2. Pony/Weanling  3. Arabian  4. Regular  5. Warmblood  6. Draft

Halter Sizing Guide


The Parelli halter is hand tied with knots balanced in strategic places. The loop for attaching lines hangs below the jaw and acts as a hinge. Made from high quality, 100% polyester soft rope that offers the ultimate in softness and strength.

Choose from many color choices!

Also available, Halter and 12-Foot Lead Combo.

What Makes Parelli Rope Special?

The rope you usually see used for halters and leads is typically nylon yachting rope and was never designed to withstand the unique challenges an equine application presents. Nylon rope stretches, can become stiff with use, increases in size over time and absorbs unwanted moisture. The 100% polyester rope used at Parelli has been specifically engineered with horsemanship use in mind. Parelli rope is dirt, sweat, mildew, rot and UV resistant. This means that your rope will stay truer to it's original form longer, without fading, stretching, popping or elongating.

How to re-tie Halter


Mini/Foal: Smaller, refined Miniatures, and most newborn foals.

Pony/Weanling: Shetland, Welsh, and larger Miniatures.

Arabian: Petite Arabians with tea-cup noses, larger ponies, and Quarter Horse-type yearlings. If your horse's nose is much larger than your fist, a Regular halter is recommended.

Regular: Most Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Fell, Highland, Icelandic, New Forest, and Cobs.

Warmblood: Quarter Horses with large jowls, smaller Draft crosses/American Warmbloods, Trakehners, Dutch Warmbloods, Selle Francais, Fresians, Hanoverians, Holsteiners, Oldenburgs, Irish Drafts, Lipizzaners.

Draft: Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, Shire (or very large-headed horses).

4.5 out of 5 stars

Invaluable Investment for Your Horsemanship
12/16/2016 4:33:50 pm by Britt J from US

The Parelli 45’ line is an absolute staple to the horseman’s toolkit. I have used my 45’ line for years, and it is still in prime condition. Over time, the line has become increasingly more comfortable for my hands, as the hard, wax coating softens with use. The length of the line is ideal for challenging me to be more refined in my communication with my horse. It also teaches horses to maintain their responsibilities at a higher level. If you have any aspirations toward level 4, then this line will accelerate your horsemanship as well as your horse’s respect from longer distances. The light weight of the line allows me to play on a long rope without weighing down the horse’s face. The line stays light and clean in wet and mucky conditions, as well. The line has been great for communication with my horse, and it has also helped to advance my feel and timing. This line is great for playing at 45’ away, and it can also be transformed into two 22’ lines by slipping off the snap and attaching the line in the middle point to the horseman’s halter. I have also attached this line to cones and barrels and used it to teach my horse to drag objects. This line has been an invaluable investment throughout my horsemanship development. I give it my highest recommendation based on its quality and its effectiveness.

NOW I can communicate with my horse
12/12/2016 2:47:10 pm by Camilla J from DK

I only started riding 4 years ago and bought my horse 2 years ago. I friend of mine who does horse training introduced me to the halter. She bought one for me - a beautiful orange one - and I can just say: you never go back! While doing the first horsemanship work with my horse, I immediately saw the difference between a regular halter and the Parelli halter. With the Parelli halter, I can actually communicate with him :) Apart from the fact, that he listens - I also enjoy the color range of the products. This year, I bought a new, beautiful red halter for my boy. And that will probably not be the last. I am sure he will look great in a green, blue.... :)

size difference
4/6/2016 8:51:14 am by Carole E from US

I am so disappointed. I had several Parelli halters in both regular and warmblood size that a got several years ago and LOVED them. recently I got a new warmblood size, and it was too small for my 3 year old. He is not extra big at all. the main difference in the new vs old halter was the length of the rope that goes over the poll. the warmblood size is now the same length as the regular size there. it is way too short! it used to be 2-3 inches longer. Don't even tell me that Linda Parelli can fit these shorter warmblood halters on her warmbloods! Now I have to pay to return these halters twice! after calling customer service and the first time being told all the halters are the same length in that area, and then being advised to get a draft size ( way too big, but interestingly, not as long in the area over the poll as the old warmblood size). ugghh i give up. too bad, cause these were one of my absolute favorite things!

4/1/2016 11:58:06 am by Georgia L from US

These halters are amazing. They work so much better than a traditional halter, by putting pressure exactly where needed. And they don't stretch out. I bought the Warmblood size for my Standardbred horse, and it fit perfectly.

Arabian Size
11/9/2015 12:55:04 am by Sybill L from CH

The halter I recieved was labeled Arabian but too small for my purebred arabian horse. I complained and was asked to mesure the halter I recieved : it came out that I recieved a size 2 (Pony) instead of a size 3 (Arabian) ... They were kind enough to send me another Arabian size labeled halter, which was again a size 2 !! I went to a horse shop with the halter I recieved and asked for the Parelli arabian size halter, I compared them and, yes indeed, I had the pony size in my hands. To end up the story, I purchased the one at the horse shop as well ... and it finally fits :-)

Ordering More
2/8/2015 10:05:02 pm by Julie S from US

I currently have the regular size and the Pony/Weanling size halters. The regular I've had for over 12 years now and it's in terrific shape. It is the only halter I use in our barn for over 6 horses! I just purchased the Pony/Weanling halter last year for a Shetland Pony I got and while I love it and the quality it seems a little long and will sometimes hang down too far on his nose and the muzzle piece is a bit large for him. I'm thinking of getting a Mini/Foal halter for him instead and seeing if that is a better fit. All in all I love the durability of these halters and the ease of care. They withstand everything our barn of 6 horses can dish out and all I need to do is pop them in the washer and dry them and they are almost brand new again. I can hold the two halters I have next to each other and you would not be able to tell which one I've had for 12 years and which one I just got a year ago. Very happy with these halters!!!

Miniature horse owner
1/24/2015 7:31:09 pm by Angela T from CA

I purchased two of the Parelli halters in a size 1. Mini/Foal, but they are unbelievably small - there's no space for slack below the muzzle. My minis are size 32" and 31". I tried moving the knots, but it sure doesn't look like the photo in the Shop. Should I return them and exchange for the Pony/Weanling size? Is that possible to do? Please let me know. I recommend that Parelli includes a muzzle size in inches, and a distance around the throat latch area. The regular size halter/hackamore is a good size for my Peruvian and I am happy with it. And I do like the texture of the rope. thanks, Angela T. in Manitoba Canada

Owner of a Trail Riding Business
6/15/2014 7:14:03 pm by Donna S from US

I have bought a number of rope halters over the last years and these are without a doubt the best ones I have. They are a bit more expensive than some of the others, but a good deal due to their quality. They don't break when a horse pulls back while tied and they are soft and comfortable. I now have about twenty of them and they are all I will ever buy. Thanks Parelli's.

4/9/2014 10:45:00 am by Marie-Alice B from FR

I have bought a halter 2 years ago when I started my Parelli journey. This halter is still in perfect shape. Yet it has been through a lot as when I lent it to a friend who needed a rope halter, her horse who was attached pulled back really bad and I thought to myself "there goes my halter" after thinking "I hope this horse is not going to hurt himself" of course. The halter was in perfect shape afterward and still is. Before I bought the Parelli brand items, I went through 3 other halters that broke within days. Literally. So, maybe Parelli items are not "cheap", but they last forever and the rope is great quality. A rope halter is not just another rope halter. Go for quality and your horse will love you more!

Perfect Fit
4/1/2014 4:19:14 pm by Angela O from US

I truly believe you cannot buy a better rope halter. They are soft yet durable & with so many sizes you are certain to get a perfect fit for your horse. If only I had tried them sooner! They will be the only halter I buy from now on, they are excellent!

Growing Up
3/27/2014 5:24:00 am by Kerry Jen L from US

I purchased two Parelli halters for my rescue foals two years ago. Now I need to buy two new ones only because my babies have outgrown their halters. Taos had a blue one and Punkin had a brown one. I love these halters, and now have to decide if I'll stay with my colors or move on ... such tough decisions! But one thing is for sure, I will always use a Parelli halter for my horses!

16 yr old halter
3/8/2014 3:48:18 am by Denise S from AU

My Parelli halters are 16 yrs. old the blue with the flecks through it. They have been through everything that’s all I use these halters(I have only 2 between 3 horses). I wash them in the washing machine along with the 12 ft. Parelli lead ropes they come up so clean and look like new again! I will be interested to see if the new ones are as good as the old ones :) I love Parelli gear

2/27/2014 10:18:27 am by Desiree of OK from US

I have 3 regular halters and one mini halter that are approx. 10 years old. (Back when they only had green, red, teal, and black available.) The halters have held up VERY well and continue to function properly to this day. They are durable!!! When they get nasty I just put them in a pillow case, pop them in the washer and put a scoop of Charlies Soap in with it. I won't use anything else on my horses EVER!!! Thank you for adding more colors so each horse has their "own"!

Awesome halter!
12/26/2013 12:12:06 pm by Makayla S from US

I just got my Orange Arabian halter for my Grade Pony yesterday. It is very nice! I love how the orange POPs out on his coat and how it fits him too. It fits his nose nearly perfectly! :) It is a great halter! :)

Very very good!
12/25/2013 10:30:48 am by Makayla S from US

I have a purple halter for my Grade horse gelding. It fits really well. :) I use it when I can and what's even better is that it doesn't make marks like those nylon halters that you find at tack stores. Plus Purple looks good on my boy. :)

Best halter ever!!!
12/25/2013 10:26:55 am by Makayla S from US

I got a Pony/Weanling halter today for my Miniature horse mare. :D It is lime green. I used to use a pink one but I ended up wanting Lime green. These halters stand up to dirt, chewing (By horses) moisture, and the snap lasts such a long time! :) But don't wash it on high speed In your washer. Or the inside will pop out some. I wash mine on very low speed. Overall this is a great halter! I LOVE the fun colors. :)

Parelli Halter <3
11/28/2013 5:40:16 pm by Madison R from US

I LOVE my Parelli halter! It is so durable and weather resistant. I have had it for almost two years and it still looks and feels brand new! The Parelli halter in my opinion is truly the best kind you can buy and the only kind I will ever buy!:D