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Carrot Stick

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Kidz Carrot Stick Only

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Due to popular demand, we are re-introducing our classic leather Carrot Stick tips and phasing out the rubber tips! This process will take a little while, so certain colored Carrot Sticks are available only with rubber tips for the time being. If the color you're looking for is not currently available with a leather tip, don't worry - it will be soon!

Our Kidz Stick is a smaller and lighter version of the original and makes play with horses even easier for our youngest students. Specifically designed for kids 12 and under, the colored Kidz Stick features a smaller handle, shorter rod (3-foot) and a rubber or leather end with opening to attach a Kidz String.

Also great for adults who want a lighter stick on the ground and for riding.

Choose from colors including: White, Blue, Red, Black, Pink, Purple, Dark Green, Lime, Silver and Burgundy.

5.0 out of 5 stars

2/11/2014 8:36:36 pm by Catherine C from NZ

Use one of these with my Shetland ponies. Lighter and easier to handle. Make sure you buy the kids string as well as the longer string doesn't work so well.