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Jump Start

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Non-members, you receive exclusive member pricing on this special product which will introduce you to the effectiveness of the entire Parelli System.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship is an educational program that goes above and beyond simply training horses. The Parelli program teaches students the habits and skills they need to truly become partners with their horses while harnessing their skills and achieving incredible results.

Jump Start is an introductory overview of the Parelli program, guiding you through everything you need to know to begin your Parelli education. Join television host and author Rick Lamb as he introduces you to the world of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. You’ll learn phrases like “the Seven Games,” “the Four Savvys,” and “the Eight Principles.” Not only will you learn what these phrases mean, but you’ll begin to understand what they can do for your relationship with your horse.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship has helped hundreds of thousands of horse lovers around the world. With Jump Start, you’re well on your way to joining that group by developing a beautiful, natural relationship with your horse.

2 Discs, Runtime: 1 hr, 17 minutes


DISC 1: What is Parelli?

  • What is Parelli
  • What is Natural Horsemanship
  • The Language of Parelli
    • The Seven Games
    • Zoneology
    • The Levels
    • Four Savvys
    • Horsenality
  • Savvy Steps in 3 Minutes
  • Jump Start Your Horse's Life

DISC 2: Get Started

  • Get Started with Your Horse
  • "Friendly Game" - Build Trust & Relaxation
  • "Porcupine Game" - Yield to Steady Pressure
    • Task it: Porcupine for a Purpose
  • "Driving Game" - Yield to Rhythmic Pressure
    • Task it: Touch it Challenge
  • "Yo-Yo Game" - Equalize Backwards & Forwards
  • "Circling Game" - Create Draw and Responsibility
  • "Sideways Game" - Develop Lateral Movement
  • "Squeeze Game" - Overcome Claustrophobia
    • Task it: Positive Patterns
  • Freestyle: Games in the Saddle
    • One Rein Stop: Starting with Control
    • Forward Motion: Leading the Front Foot
    • Responsibilities: Maintain Gait & Direction
    • Task it: Rein Positions
    • Task it: Saddle Confidence
  • Closing Comments