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Bareback Pad

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Bareback Pad

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Bareback pad comes with two Latigos. Cinch not included.

Instructions for Tying the Cinch to the Latigo


Our bareback pads will make you feel like you are glued to your horse, yet are thin enough to offer the feel of bareback riding. The pad cinches up as snugly as a saddle and is designed with no stirrups to promote balance and confidence in your riding skills. 

The Parelli Bareback Pad will prove invaluable to you as you develop an independent seat. With a medical felt under-pad and suede leather surface, the Bareback Pad is comfortable for you and your horse. It has a sturdy leather handle and D-rings with latigos to fit a western style cinch (cinch not included).

These high-quality bareback pads come in Black, Burgundy, Green, Purple, Blue, Toast and Brown.

Bareback pad comes with two Latigos. Cinch not included.

4.3 out of 5 stars

Best Pad I've Seen
2/21/2014 4:44:16 pm by Karen M from US

This is the best quality pad I've ever seen. It doesn't slip, it looks great, the leather is very good quality, the stitching is secure, and it is comfortable and gives the rider good grip. One of my riding students liked mine so much after a lesson that she got her own.

5 years old, looks brand new
1/6/2014 4:28:25 pm by Regina P from US

I love my Parelli bareback pad and I only just realized how long I've had it! It's seen a lot of use on two very differently shaped horses and still looks almost new. (Maybe I need to ride harder? Heh!) It holds its cushion a lot better than the fleecy pads I've ridden in, which tend to bunch or smash down, and provides enough grip for riding but not so much that you can't do an emergency dismount. My Appy has a prominent spine so I put a CSI saddle pad under it if I'm going to ride him for more than 30 minutes, but my Quarter Horse is round and cushy and she prefers when I just use the bareback pad. One caveat: If you end up with big cinch knots at the D rings, the knots are likely to bother your legs, but you can solve that by not looping the latigos through the D rings as many times so you have a flatter knot. That can leave you with excess latigo that you can either cut off or drape over the pad in front of you, through the handle.

Love this pad!
1/1/2014 9:59:43 am by Michelle D from US

This pad is very high quality. It is very sticky. I don't find that it twists on my horse at all (unlike the other reviewer). It is the highest quality pad of its type that I have seen on the market. I did buy a rigging converter so that I could use my english girth. This pad is still way worth the price!

Bad quality
12/27/2013 10:19:37 am by Sarah A from CA

This pad is very over priced. For this kind of money I would expect the pad to be perfect. The leather is stiff and not very good quality and the colors fad quickly. The pad is very grippy, but it does not grip to the horse. Every time I use this pad it slides a couple of inches from side to side.