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Digital Horsenality Report

Digital Humanality Match Report

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Digital Horsenality, Humanality & Match Report

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After placing your order for this report, you will receive an email notification that will allow you to complete and submit a questionnaire(s) about your horse and yourself. Once you submit the questionnaire, your report will be generated and available to view immediately.

*This product includes a report for only ONE horse. If you have multiple horses and want to determine their horsenalities, you must purchase reports for each individual horse.


If you’ve ever wished your horse came with an owner’s manual that took his quirks and unique personality into account, then prepare to be  thrilled! For the first time in history you can generate a detailed report that reveals your horse’s innate Horsenality™ and gives you specific recommendations for success! This 40+ page personalized report is totally focused on your horse and will detail clear and concise training strategies based on his unique Horsenality™.

Humanality™  is the sum of your human experience compiled in a custom personality report which gives you action strategies that help you be the “best me  that I can be”. By better understanding your Humanality™ around people from the perspective of a psychologist you’ll learn how they reveal your  strengths, core motivations, and reactions to stress.

Developed personally by Linda Parelli, the Match Report will teach you how to flex your natural  tendencies to become the leader your horse needs you to be!

Linda Parelli Explains Horsenality, Humanality & Match Reports:


Your custom Horsenality™ report will reveal:

  • Why certain exercises and activities are more challenging than others for your horse
  • How to set training and play sessions up for  success
  • How  to understand your horse’s strengths
  • How to solve problems with clarity

Your custom Humanality™ report will reveal:

  • The uniquely identifying factors of the four main Humanality™ types
  • Your specific Humanality™ profile
  • Tips on understanding and maximizing your core nature
  • How different situations affect your Humanality™
  • How to build upon your strengths
  • How to flex or modify your style around others for the best possible outcome

Your custom Match report will reveal:

  • The similarities and differences between you and your horse
  • Your relationship dynamics, challenges, partnership strategies on the ground and in the saddle
  • Situational stress behaviors you may exhibit around your horse and what you can do about them
  • Positive aspects of your match
4.5 out of 5 stars

Spot ON!!!
9/26/2013 8:53:54 pm by Trish G from US

WOW, very insightful and spot on for both me and my equine partner. I am so glad I waited to get to know my mare first - I have only had her for 5 months.

10/9/2011 7:02:59 pm by Tessa R from US

It was spot on. I'm a higher level student and I knew Milo was on the cusp so everything was confirmed. I like how all the information specific to my horse was put in one place. It really covers everything and I am so excited to build more constructive sessions for Milo. ;)

Horsenality/Humanality report
10/6/2011 2:15:09 pm by CHRISTINE M from US

It definitely got me right but I don't think I got my horse right. I believe I based it on my perception of her without really working with her. Now that I am working with her, I am not so sure I have it right. Wish there was a way to do it over, just for her. Otherwise, it was a very good report.

redundant in parts
10/4/2011 12:12:46 pm by NADJA M from DE

I was somewhat disappointed of the match/report. In general, it is quite a smart and unique product. But its contents are partly not really helpful: instead of offering a concrete solution to a concrete horsenality bound problem, it rather often says things like "the parelli program will give you the strategies to handle this issue". A hint of a specific strategy was what I expected instead. Another thing: the advertisement has been overdone as several pages of the report refer to Parelli products, teachers, courses and so on. To sum it up: it was worth a try but I wouldn't buy it again

Just what we needed!
9/18/2011 1:45:24 pm by Naomi L from GB

I purchased the horsenality/humanality match report a few months ago, and although I had heard good things about them I was unsure how much it would help me without having seen my horse and I for themselves. I couldn't believe how it turned out, they knew more about me than I did myself!! I had answers for why I behave and act as I do, and family and friends who read it said it was spot on! And then there was the horse section, turns out me and my horse have the exact same horsenality/humanality, and before having this I had no idea how positive that can be! The report gave specific descriptions, tasks and useful games and even an example session right from catching the horse, which I found so useful. It certainly put more fun and understanding into our play sessions. Another fantastic product from Pat and Linda!!

Impressive Report
8/28/2011 2:04:22 pm by CARRIE T from GB

I wondered how much I would actually learn as I have had my young horse for 1 year. It had me spot on and I have learned new stratgeies for dealing with situations that drive my fiance crazy as I bounce between LBI / RBI. Again, it's given me more pointers and tips with dealing with my flighty RBE pony so I have invaluable tools to keep us both safe and confident. This is a report that I am still trying to take in a lot of the details and has been well worth the money. I will be looking to buy a horsenality report for my other pony asap.

who would have thought!
8/17/2011 6:39:59 pm by SHARLANE E from NZ

Excellent Product! I wish I had invested in it sooner - not only did I have my humanality COMPLETELY wrong, there were also so many tiny tiny aspects of myself and my horse I was unaware of. It has given me a new focus and inspiration to really help myself help my horse and for our partnership to be amazing! I recommend everyone to invest in this PRICELESS information that not only lays your horse out on a plate but also yourself and gives you the entire tool box of how to work with and through any situation! LOVE LOVE LOVE Pat and Linda for another amazing level of insight and information to see the horse world into the future it deserves :) thanks!

It's like having Pat and Linda at home with me.
7/2/2011 2:47:50 am by AILEEN W from AU

Loved the product, it really is so helpful. The report shone a light on many aspects of my journey so far. It helped me to understand how to communicate with my horse in a manner which relates to his horsenality as well as highlighting how my humanality affects the way my horse responds to me. On a real plus point, some of the methods I had already tried by using my gut instinct were exactly what the report suggested. Other points raised in the report helped me realise some of my communications skills with my horse were lacking. I now know what I should work on. It really is like having Pat and Linda watching me and my horse and giving advice based on my personal journey. What a fantastic concept.

Horsenality/Humanality/Match Report
6/19/2011 7:31:41 pm by PATRICIA M from US

When I received my report I thought " Oh boy" " How interesting". At first I thought I don't do that. Then I went out and played with my horse. And guess what? I did exactly what the report said. I changed me and was blown away with the changes from my LBI filly. Every horse person should be required to have this report. Don't wait get your report today!

A foundation for the program
6/14/2011 5:34:52 pm by REGINA P from US

As one of the other reviewers says, you might think you know, but you probably don't. The digital report gives you all the same information as the printed report, for a lower price. (I've done both.) The report distills information from the enormous PNH library and highlights the most important strategies for your particular partnership. It's way more than Myers-Briggs meets Horsenality. I made some changes in myself the next morning and my RBI responded immediately. I think most horses would gladly click the Buy Now button if they could reach your mouse.

Accuracy and result was above my expectations!
6/11/2011 2:09:35 pm by JERI B from US

I just had to write & share my appreciation of your Horsenality / Humanality reports. I originally received the Horsenality when the product was first available and "no surprises" for my LBE partner, Champ. I was delighted to see the digital format offered for the companion "humanality" report so ordered it right away. I must say that my expectations were easily surpassed by this product. I work in the Talent Dept / Ctr for Collaboration and Leadership for my Fortune 100 employer and so have been exposed, administered, taken and received feedback from ALL kinds of personality / leadership assessments and PH.D. assesors, and the Parelli Humanality report was "spot on!" The questionnaire was simple and surprisingly consists of just a few questions instead of the usual lists of questions that go on for pages and pages. The outcome is of a superb quality and the additional notes provided by Linda Parelli of insights on how to work with Champ were VERY helpful and have had an immediate impact on my leadership both with Champ AND also some of the more "challenging" humanalities I work with! ;-) I have shared my results with a few of our staff Ph.D's / psychologists and they were equally impressed with the outcome. I am an Axis Point RBI and the feedback helped to clarify WHY I am "one way in some circumstances and another way in completely different environment or w/ different people." I can't thank you, Linda and Dr. Handley, enough for having the foresight and courage to address some of the most important reasons for success and failure both with our horses AND our people partners! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

You think you know, but maybe not!
6/8/2011 12:25:23 am by ELIZABETH A from US

This report is so interesting on so may levels. The depth of information is amazing. I have read through the report several times already. I have always said that my partner can be all over the place and so he is as a centered LBE. My humanality was a surprise but dead on. The RBE/LBE cusp thing! We are both very complicated so the match strategies are going to be very helpful. I'm going to have to up my game significantly. I am the reason why we are not progressing as fast as I would like. He is a challenging horse but I always knew he was faster than me! I'm so glad the report did not say: "You're in way over your head. Better get out while you can!" Now I have some concrete things I can do to be a better partner. Can't wait to start using the information....... So worth the money. Thanks to Pat and Linda for coming up with yet another great tool.

Very helpful
5/18/2011 12:32:09 pm by INNA from US

The match report is very detailed and helpful. It does not just summarize what you said in the questionnaire, but goes over each behavior and offers insights and strategies for advancing your relationship with the horse. It is so comprehensive, I would have to use it as a blueprint for my own and horse development over time. The horsenality report was a surprise, I thought my horse Buddy was right brain introvert and felt frustrated when he turns into extrovert. Well, perhaps he is right brain extrovert, and I just wanted him to calm down all that time :)

"- and then some"
5/5/2011 4:55:02 pm by MARIANNE NORDAL from DK

A wish coming true for most Parelli students would most likely be a session with Pat or Linda. Not many of us will get to have that dream come true(I'm still dreaming)! So for that reason we all embark in the journey together, learning a lot from all the material out there(savvy club, patterns, levels etc), learn from other Parelli professionals or attends the live shows. As a Parelli "learnaholics" that's what I have been doing for 6 years now, but I always wondered how it would be if I was in their shoes, being able to have all that information(pick their brains and put ME AND MY HORSE in that moment with our strength or challenges! And that's it - the key word why the H/H M R to me is right up there, the next best to a real session with Pat and Linda. I got mine today, as a birthday present. Did the questionaire, and it was done in 30 minutes. And it is BRILLIANT!!! Being a LBE/RBE I suddenly got a new understanding to ME, but most importantly to my horse(LBE). I have been on a plauteau with our progress for some time, and could not quite put my finger on why she was not giving me that extra, or our liberty was the most challenging of our savvy! Well I got that light bolb moment today after reading the whole report in one sitting.I went out to play and applied what I believe was missing. Today I could do a zone 5 driving, with a 12 f line, holding her tail and get her to do canter-trot transitions in an open field. She used to be a extreme RBE so to mirror me and respond to my slightest suggestion of canter and still staying in a pace where I could still hold her tail felt like a ZEN moment:-) It made me think of this qoute: "Heaven is not a place you go when you die, it is that moment in life when you feel alive"! So once again thank you Pat, Linda and Dr. Henley. You continue to rise the bar, and let us "Parellians" live our dream if we work hard at it. I know now (being mostly a stay at home student, like so many out there) - that I have the missing pieces to accomplish my level 3-4. So if any of you Parelli students out there wonder if this is worth it, don't hesitate I just walked a mile in Pat and Linda's shoes - and it feels like " - and then some":-) - Marianne Nordal, Denmark

5/3/2011 7:47:14 pm by JODIE W from AU

I recently bought a Horsenality/Humanality Match Report, OMG there were BFO’s and lots of OMG’s the more and more I read it... It placed my mare as a LBI and my good self as an RBI, and since reading the report I really understand now where I have been going wrong in some of my approaches. Our play sessions have really improved out of sight since getting this report, It's really helping me become the leader my horse needs and create the partnership that I want! Thanks Linda for a truly great product.

Great Insight for both of us
5/1/2011 6:39:24 am by CHERYL G from US

I'm very new to Parelli (5 lessons in) and figured I needed all the help I could get so I sprung for the Horsenality/Humanlity digital report. I got the emails within an hour of paying online. The questions were very thorough and covered inate behaviours and situational responses. The results were very insightful. My gelding who everyone thought was a LBE actually turned out to be a RBE on the cusp of LBE. So some of those reactions I took as "I won't" were actually "I'm scared". The report gave me the information I need to manage the RBE times as well as the LBE times. My human report was interesting as well - it was spot on with my personality. The match portion was a great area that listed some pitfalls to watch for in our relationship. I've referred to the reports many times since receiving them. Overall well worth the money!

Good for your whole life, not just your horse life
4/26/2011 8:10:09 am by May from US

First, the results of the Horsenality/Humanality/Match Report are impressive. I did the report as a skeptic, not really being a Parelli student, but I thought "what the heck! I'll try it". This skeptic is a believer now! I was VERY impressed. There were things in it that I was able to take out and put to work on my reining horses right away and see an impressive result from. More importantly though, it gives you perspective on yourself - not just as a horseperson, but professionally and personally as well. I have come back to the Humanality report time and time again and I always get something new when I re-read it. The results with my horses are impressive, but the results in the rest of my life is even more impressive. I am more fun to be around and I am getting along better with my spouse than I have in years. For the cost of a shoeing you can have a personal development tool that will stand you in good stead for years and years to come - I can't recommend it highly enough! One piece of advice - don't skimp though, get all three. I got them in pieces and wish I'd just started by getting all three reports together at once - well worth it.

4/18/2011 3:27:56 pm by JO T from GB

I was a little bit skeptical about this but went ahead any way. The questions about my horse filled in some of the gaps i always felt I had on the normal chart as they explain the chart really well. As a result he came out moderately RBE with RBI tendencies which was a surprise because i always had him as RBI/LBI. I wondered if I had filled it in wrongly at first until I read the report, it was spot on and highlighted some areas i had really overlooked. Mine was outstanding and so accurate, I came out as RBI. The match report is just fantastic icing on the cake. Money well spent and so glad I did it now.

In the few days since downloading the report mine and my horses relationship has
4/16/2011 8:49:58 am by CLARE P from GB

Oh my gosh, I've just downloaded copies of mine and my horses Horsenality / Humanality reports as well as the Match report. They're amazing! While my horse came out completely as I'd expected as a low spirit LBI on the cusp of LBE, the report is fantastically detailed, explaining what his challenges and strenghts are as well as giving me strategies to get to his best. My report was more of a surprise as I came out as RBI (I was sure I was LBI) however, when I read through the report it described me and my relationship with my horse perfectly! It turns out I knew my horse better than I knew myself! How interesting!