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Green Ball

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The Green Ball is a fabulous play-tool to help build your horse's confidence while encouraging curiosity and focus. With an inflated diameter (height) of 42-44 inches, the ball will allow you to simulate things your horse may be afraid of and will help build confidence around objects in motion and sudden movements.

Roll it, bounce it, teach your horse to push it - the Parelli Green Ball is a fun way to play with your horse while building valuable skills.

4.8 out of 5 stars

Great Green Ball
3/1/2014 8:31:17 am by Joan C from US

After five years of everyday use, my green ball finally bit the dust with help from my 11 yr. Old QH. He was playing with it and decided he was going to try and get on top of it and it blew. He still has it, he loves picking it up and throwing it around.

1/16/2014 10:37:49 am by Peggy S from US

I just ordered my second Parelli ball. My 2.6 year old Morgan just killed her last ball. She gets bored very easy. The neighbors that I had lost my mind when I first put it in with her. They were amazed and had a lot of laughs watching her play with her ball.

Fun Ball!
12/26/2013 12:21:03 pm by Makayla S from US

I just got one of these for Christmas. :) They are really big! I like the little hand pump that comes with it. :) I can't wait to introduce this ball to my LBE pony! :D I will see how it holds up to horse play. :)

Supervision only
11/11/2013 11:43:10 am by Debbie H from US

I was excited to be able to give my yearling a toy/tool to build confidence (which it did) but after two weeks it had a tear. I was disappointed to learn that the ball is something to be USE WITH SUPERVISION ONLY. It seems laying all over the ball is too much stress (for the ball). Somewhere I missed that advice in the directions. I knew it was too good to be true, foolish me.

Really good!
7/13/2012 2:39:15 pm by Hannah B from GB

My horse loves it, its great for playing touch it or for adding obstacles into the seven games. Its not too bad of a price either.

Winter time
5/24/2012 4:13:03 pm by Sandra R from CA

When your ball gets soft during winter time dont let your horse play with it..they will bust it for sure. Make sure it's always blown up to the max. Beside that my horse just love it, specially my foals !

Having a ball!
6/21/2011 3:57:47 pm by NANCY S from US

I have one I've used for years, just getting another! They're great tools that you can really get creative with!

Big Green Ball
3/11/2011 7:07:48 pm by REBECCA F from US

I love them so much I have 3. My horses love them!

very entertaining
2/27/2011 9:00:23 am by ILKA B from US

As the owner of two very playful horses, I knew that this big green ball would just provide lots of fun and entertainment for them. They love to push it around and try to bite at it. Let's just say, my horses are having a ball with it :)

Building confidence
2/26/2011 3:42:11 pm by JANICE M from US

A giant green ball . . . what a novel idea! Helping my horse with confidence issues is what it's all about. Like the carrot stick, we see other "horsemen" using big balls now . . . but we know where the idea originated. Thanks for always thinking "outside the box" for us!

Green Ball
2/25/2011 12:06:25 am by KF from US

Love the green ball, just got one a few months ago, and my horse loves it (she's actually a little obsessed with playing soccer with it)! It's great for building confidence and play. I had heard before getting it that some people had problems with it popping. We haven't had any problems with it deflating or horse's popping it and close to 20 horses at our barn have played with it.

Lots of fun!
2/24/2011 7:12:45 pm by SARA B from US

I love the big green ball! I was so excited to finally get one and then somewhat disappointed when my mare really had no interest in it. Once I realized that as a RBI she would naturally be more afraid of it than curious I started playing with it in such a way to gain her confidence. She is now almost fully confident with it and even starting to show a little playfulness. As a rancher I'm putting principles to purpose and I've recently come to realize that helping her to become confident in pushing the ball will help her confidence when pushing cattle!

Wonderful fun for both me and my horse
2/24/2011 4:23:11 pm by MARY K from US

I love the ball as a training tool, confidence builder and just plain fun! Besides being all that it holds it's air very well and even though I have horses paw it, bite it and lay on it, it's still round. I give it 5 stars!

follow the bouncing ball!
2/24/2011 3:34:06 pm by SUE G from US

This ball is sooo much fun for both my horses and myself. Fun to play with. Light and easy to handle.

Holds up well, great product!
2/24/2011 2:15:59 pm by KATHERINE M from US

This is a well made product that holds up over time. Loving it..and so does my horse.

Love it!
2/18/2011 12:37:29 pm by BROOKE J from US

My horse loves the Parelli Green Ball! He comes alive when we play with it! It helps to make our play sessions more fun! Very durable!

Green Ball
2/14/2011 1:41:21 am by GINA M from US

One of my favorite products! Not only dis it a blast with the horses, the green ball has found its way into the lives of the entire family... the twins (9 yr. old boys) have found a host of games to play with it. The favorite seems to be putting it on the trampoline and jumping on and over it. The teenagers sneak it out of the basement regularly to play in the snow. My husband is a bit protective of the ball as he uses it for back stretching exercises. I'm thinking he'll be needing his very own clean ball soon.... we are in for a muddy spring here in RI when this snow melts.

The giant bouncing green tomato!
2/13/2011 9:28:05 pm by PRISCILLA M from US

My RBI and RBE both gained SO much confidence with this ball. They were both scared of it at first but my RBE, after a few mins of approach and retreat, LAID DOWN beside it!!!! COOL!! My RBI was able to allow it on her back calmly without blowing up!! I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU!!

Excellent training/fun tool
2/13/2011 12:07:58 am by Nancy from US

This is a well made high quality product. Excellent for horses of all ages. Great fun for groundwork. Highly recommend.

Green Ball is Great!
2/12/2011 7:30:09 pm by KATHERINE C from US

My horse loves the green ball! He plays with it all the time and it is a great confidence builder for him. Great quality too.

Magic Green Ball
2/11/2011 12:10:17 pm by GLYN K from GB

Fantastic product, has built Flo's confidence on moving items, he now lokes to try and kneel on it!! Its great for the kids too, grandson loves it!

the brussel sprout!
2/11/2011 10:47:02 am by SARAH W from GB

I love the big green ball. We call it the brussel sprout. It is so durable. My horse is quite hard on the ball and it is still in great condition. It is also the perfect size.

A toy for everyone!
2/10/2011 8:41:16 pm by JORDYN H from US

I would like to say that this ball is strictly for my horses however I think I have just as much fun with it in the pasture as he does! Great play-tool!

2/10/2011 5:10:28 pm by BELINDA P from AU

We use the green ball at our play days and everybody enjoys playing with it! its huge! Great for friendly game when the wind gently blows it all around the arena in amongst the horses and people! Our play days wouldn't be the same without a Parelli Green Ball!

does double duty!
2/10/2011 2:37:41 pm by KATHRYN C from US

Not only does my horse love playing with this ball (he's so proud of himself when he pushes it around) but my german shepherd loves it too, he chases it all over the arena! Thank goodness it's too big for him to get his teeth into!! Heavy duty material.

Love the ball
2/10/2011 1:53:51 pm by PAT J from US

My LBE never gets tired of playing with the ball. I love to start our play date with the ball , it expends some of his extreme energy, and then we can have a productive session.

The ball
2/10/2011 10:22:24 am by LISA K from US

I love this ball! My horse is an LBI and it's really ramped up his play drive. We do our lesson and workout and his reward during cool down is playing with his ball. We take all his tack off and I just ride him at liberty while he plays with his ball. I love it!! Very durable.

Never get tired of it!
2/10/2011 8:56:53 am by MEGHAN O from CA

My LBI love to play with the green ball. We play at liberty and he allways find the ball and starts to kick it around. Even when we are riding he kicks it around.

So much fun
2/9/2011 6:22:46 pm by LOUISE R from AU

My LBI gelding doesn't have much "play drive", so we're using the ball to encourage this. The thing I love about it the most is how his reactions to it change every time he sees it. And hey, if a horse isn't scared of a big green ball anymore, how could they worry about anything else! Thought it was great value for money, too. Thicker and bigger than a gym ball, you know it's going to last.

Way to much fun!
2/9/2011 5:39:08 pm by KERI-LYNN S from CA

I won one of these balls at a Celebration and my horses and I have had so much fun with it over the past months. It has been an amazing tool and is a total blast!

Green Parelli Ball
2/9/2011 5:09:14 pm by LINDA R from US

Love the Parelli Ball. Canute loves to play soccer with me. It's a great way to make time in the arena or round pen exciting and enjoyable, whether in the saddle or online/liberty.

A blast
2/9/2011 5:06:01 pm by MEGAN M from US

me and my pon have a blast playing with this ball and it comes in a great color :D

So much fun
2/9/2011 4:35:20 pm by ELIZABETH P from US

Great for setting it up for the horse to be curious, think about what you are thinking and gain confidence. Great toy for warmup sessions.

Green Ball
2/9/2011 3:51:42 pm by HELEN B from ES

It has to be Parelli! I have seen so many other imitation balls and they just don't make it!! My green ball is my mare's best toy! She now just trots over to it as soon as she spots it and nudges it forward. If I leave it in her paddock - well let the games begin. It keeps her entertained, whilst the other horses are out. Thank goodness for Parelli!!

Love my Parelli Ball
2/3/2011 7:25:53 am by Kathy from US

My LBE donkey foal made fast friends with the green ball. She played with the ball daily in her paddock. A great addition to the games.

Great, fun product!
1/26/2011 8:36:35 am by REBECCA M from US

The "big green ball" is very durable (at least for my purposes). It's a great toy for left-brain-extroverts who enjoy pushing it around. If you're looking to add something fun to your Parelli work, this item will give you lots of things to do.